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Latest News

Smartcane BMP facilitators

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February, 2023
Shared Value Recognised
December, 2022
Smartcane BMP on YouTube
November, 2022
Non-Core Modules
October, 2022
Australian Canegrower Oct 2022
MODULE 3 - Managing Weeds, Pests and Diseases
September, 2022
MODULE 2 - Irrigation and Drainage Management
August, 2022
MODULE 1 - Soil Health and Nutrient Management
July, 2022
Smartcane BMP funding to continue
June, 2022
Sweet success – a team effort
May, 2022
Queenslanders support sustainable sugar
April, 2022
Desire to Grow - The Maryborough Story
March, 2022
Don't miss the boat
February, 2022
Let's get smart about record keeping
January, 2022
Reaccreditations show best practice has become a way of life
December, 2021
A win for accredited growers
November, 2021
Turning the tide on clean seed uptake
October, 2021
Soil sampling; A critical activity for nutrient management.
September, 2021
Are you the full bottle on chemical regulations?
August, 2021
Don't let your accreditation wash out to sea!
July, 2021
Time to get off the bench
June, 2021
Sustainably sourced sugar in demand
February, 2021
Smartcane BMP – not a flash in the pan!
January, 2021
600 stories of success
December, 2020
Smartcane BMP – show me the value!
November, 2020
Pride and not regulation drives Smartcane BMP in the south
October, 2020
One third of cane country now accredited
September, 2020
Striving for sustainability through Smartcane BMP
August, 2020
Smartcane BMP Recognition
July, 2020
Where are you on the Smartcane BMP journey?
June, 2020
Proper chemical use key to canegrub control
April, 2020
500 enterprises now accredited in Smartcane BMP!
March, 2020
Accreditations on the rise in Mackay
February, 2020
Tech and farm management
January, 2020
Fallow management

Huge support for Queensland sugarcane farmers confirmed by new survey results

Queenslanders are proud of their iconic sugarcane crop according to the results of a recent survey run by the industry’s best...

What's the economic impact of Smartcane BMP?

Innisfail grower Adrian Darveniza has implemented a range of best management practices on his 240ha farm that have seen the business gain...

My journey through Smartcane BMP

When the industry-developed and managed Smartcane BMP (Best Management Practice) program first came into operation, I knew it would be a great...

Smartcane - Bonsucro Alignment

The Smartcane BMP modules have been modified to align with the on-farm criteria used by Bonsucro which provides international standards for sustainable sugar. Bonsucro is…

Industry unites at Smartcane BMP launch
Industry unites at Smartcane BMP launch

It’s not often that you will see all the stakeholder groups across an industry unite in support of a program,…

Milestone planting in a Mackay cane field
Milestone planting in a Mackay cane field

A third generation Mackay cane grower has become the first in Australia to receive accreditation in the new industry best…

First farmer accredited in three key BMP modules
First farmer accredited in three key BMP modules

A spell of wet weather prompted Michael Pisano to become the first cane grower to be accredited in the three…

Northern growers achieve Smartcane accreditation
Northern growers achieve Smartcane accreditation

A CANEGROWERS policy council member who wants to silence the cane industry’s critics and a relatively new grower are the…