Smartcane - Bonsucro Alignment

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The Smartcane BMP modules have been modified to align with the on-farm criteria used by Bonsucro which provides international standards for sustainable sugar. Bonsucro is designed to establish global market access across a wide range of production systems. Smartcane BMP can now assist Queensland growers to meet Bonsucro requirements:

  • Growers accredited in the three core modules of Smartcane BMP can access a new module (Module 8 – Managing People and the Environment) to cover Bonsucro requirements.
  • Growers not yet Smartcane BMP accredited have two options:
    • Achieve certification in each of the seven modules of Smartcane BMP, or
    • Achieve certification in the core modules (modules 1-3) and in Module 8.

Growers are urged to continue to work through Smartcane BMP because it is a locally-relevant program designed to demonstrate stewardship for the Great Barrier Reef and it focuses on practices that can improve productivity. Growers are encouraged to benchmark and seek accreditation in Smartcane BMP in the knowledge that it now has an extra, international layer of significance and value.


Smartcane BMP is working collaboratively with Bonsucro to get the best from both programs for the benefit of growers, as both have similar goals for growers and the industry.


The New Modules

These links open a PDF version of each Smartcane BMP module. The documents outline the standards for each practice in the module and the evidence requirements for each practice standard.

Registered Smartcane BMP users should note that the web-based self-assessment modules will be updated with the additional content in the middle of January 2017. Please contact the Smartcane BMP manager with any queries

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