What is the Smartcane BMP program?

Growers are always looking for new ways to improve. Smartcane BMP recognises your achievements to set
the record straight. It also arms you with the latest information on practice improvement for you to make your
operations even more efficient.

How do I register with Smartcane BMP?

It’s easy to get started with BMP and access the information you need to begin. Follow the prompts at
www.smartcane.com.au to register online. Your district facilitator is always on hand to help, too.

Am I eligible to register?

Every Australian cane grower is able to register. Smartcane BMP is designed for all cane growing businesses—
regardless of size, location or membership of any group.

Is registration compulsory?

Participating in the program in completely voluntary. Growers choose to join to help boost their business’
productivity, profitability and sustainability.

What’s involved in the program?

When you register, you’ll gain access to eight modules in the form of checklists that unpack the latest research and
technology into best practices you can use to be recognised for your achievements and to further improve.
The modules include:

  1.  Soil health and plant nutrition
  2. Drainage and irrigation
  3. Pests, diseases and weeds
  4. Crop production and harvesting
  5. Natural systems
  6. Workplace health and safety
  7. Farm business management
  8. Pathway to sustainable sugar.
What do I need to do to get accredited?

In order to gain accreditation with Smartcane BMP, you need to achieve certification in modules one, two and three
through an independent audit.

Can I use a different industry practice to Smartcane BMP?

No-one knows your farm like you do, so no-one knows how to improve your farm better than you. You can have a
practice that varies from that described in Smartcane BMP as long as it achieves the same outcomes.

What support is available?

Smartcane BMP has a network of knowledgeable facilitators, each local to their own district and ready to help with
expert and practical advice. Go to www.smartcane.com.au to get in touch with the facilitator in your district.

Can I complete the modules on my own?

Once you register, you’ll have access to all content housed within the modules and everything you need to
complete them on your own. However, we recommend you get advice and support from your local BMP facilitator,
especially if you want to become accredited.

What happens if I don’t meet the standard for BMP? What can I do to meet the requirements?

Your facilitator will work with you to develop a unique action plan to help you reach the BMP requirements and your
goals for the business—completely tailored to your farm. This might include a workshop with other growers, a oneon-one
consultation with an industry expert or modifying a process or system. From our experience, many growers
who found they didn’t meet all BMP requirements were happy to work with the facilitator and other local expertise
to make improvements.

Is Smartcane BMP training available online or in a paper-based format?

Smartcane BMP modules are kept up-to-date with the latest research and technology developments, so we keep
the modules online to be updated easily. If you prefer to access the information in a paper-based format, your
district facilitator will be happy to print them out for you.

What does Smartcane BMP do with my data?

Smartcane BMP collects data from cane farms to report on industry practices to better inform industry
organisations and governments. We provide this data on an aggregate scale—it’s completely anonymous and
there’s no way it can be used to identify an individual grower. Your data is managed securely by CANEGROWERS.
This process is detailed in the terms and conditions you can review when you register with Smartcane BMP. We’ve
also written a fact sheet with more information.

Does accreditation require an audit?

Accreditation requires an independent audit. It provides verification that your practices meet BMP
requirements. It is the gold standard for industry’s efforts to set the record straight and have greater
recognition of growers’ achievements.

How is the government involved in the program?

Smartcane BMP is an industry-owned program that is managed by CANEGROWERS for the benefit of all growers.
It receives support from the Queensland Government.