Smartcane BMP is about
celebrating the way you farm

Since 2014, Smartcane BMP has been working with cane farmers across Queensland to record and verify their practice improvements. This has helped set the record straight and secure growers’ reputation as stewards of the land.

We’ve focused on the three core modules of BMP so growers can become accredited and be independently recognised for their management of soil health and nutrients, irrigation and drainage, and weeds, pests and diseases.

Becoming accredited in these modules remains the gold standard for Smartcane BMP. And we’ll continue to focus on supporting growers to assess their practices, and collect and collate farm records and other required evidence to achieve accreditation.
Becoming accredited
in the three core
modules is still the
gold standard for
Smartcane BMP.


Soil health and nutrient management

Look at ways to improve soil health and overcome constraints to yield.

Learn more about Module 1
Irrigation and drainage management

Increased efficiency means power savings, water savings, and reduced risk of chemicals and nutrients leaking from paddocks.

Learn more about Module 2
Weed, pest and disease management

This module covers selecting the right products for your farm, understanding regulations and label requirements, and methods of applying chemicals.

Learn more about Module 3
Planting and harvesting

Looking at the bookends of crop management, this module covers best practices for planting and harvesting.

Learn more about Module 4
Farm business management

Understand how your business is performing by looking at cost of production, cashflow and profits, and make plans for the future.

Learn more about Module 5
Natural systems management

Protect the wetlands, waterways, riparian zones and native vegetation on your land to conserve native species.

Learn more about Module 6
Workplace health and safety

Take advantage of useful resources that clearly describe your responsibility for workers, contractors and visitors, and help you take appropriate actions to meet your obligations.

Learn more about Module 7
Pathway to sustainable sugar

For accredited growers, this module covers the additional criteria required for global sustainability standards.

Learn more about Module 8
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