What we do with your data


Smartcane BMP is your best opportunity to
prove your farming practice is sustainable,
safe, and one of the best in the world.

With the help of trusted facilitators, you have the
opportunity to develop your farming practice to
become even more efficient, productive and
environmentally friendly.

When you choose to participate in Smartcane BMP, we
collect information about your farm. We will help you to
use this information to make decisions about how you
manage your operations, and your district facilitator will
also use it to create a tailored action plan for any practice
improvements you are interested in pursuing.

Your district facilitator will send your data to
CANEGROWERS to be kept securely. . They will never
share personal information with anyone without your
consent. You can view their full privacy policy at

We are committed to ensuring Smartcane BMP remains
transparent, industry-leading, and a respected voice for
Australian canegrowers. To do this, we use aggregated
data to report to third parties. Your name, farm, and BMP
process are removed from the data set so there is no
way you can be identified.

Your data, and data from other growers in the program,
is used to:

  • help make improvements to Smartcane BMP by
    seeing areas that are going well and the areas that
    need improvement
  • support the sugarcane industry by informing
    strategies and future directions
  • support research, development, extension, product
    innovations and training for the sugarcane industry
  • help us meet industry reporting requirements to
    show government and other bodies the progress our
    industry is making.
  • inform government and policy-makers about our
    industry so they can make sound decisions that will
    positively affect our businesses.
Just as you make the best
decisions when you have
the best information, our
industry leaders and other
stakeholders can do the
same with the anonymous
data we provide them.