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Sustainably sourced sugar in demand
Smartcane BMP – not a flash in the pan!
600 stories of success
Smartcane BMP – show me the value!
Pride and not regulation drives Smartcane BMP in the south
One third of cane country now accredited
Striving for sustainability through Smartcane BMP
Smartcane BMP Recognition
Where are you on the Smartcane BMP journey?
Proper chemical use key to canegrub control
500 enterprises now accredited in Smartcane BMP!
Accreditations on the rise in Mackay
Tech and farm management
Fallow management
Huge support for Queensland sugarcane farmers confirmed by new survey results
Huge support for Queensland sugarcane farmers confirmed by new survey results
Queenslanders are proud of their iconic sugarcane crop according to the results of a recent survey run by the industry’s best practice farming program,…
My journey through Smartcane BMP
My journey through Smartcane BMP
When the industry-developed and managed Smartcane BMP (Best Management Practice) program first came into operation, I knew it would be a great alternative for…
What's the economic impact of Smartcane BMP?
What's the economic impact of Smartcane BMP?
Innisfail grower Adrian Darveniza has implemented a range of best management practices on his 240ha farm that have seen the business gain Smartcane BMP…
Eye on the future with Smartcane BMP
Eye on the future with Smartcane BMP
It is a year since Tony and Margaret Bugeja, with their son Mark and brother John, achieved their accreditation in the sugar industry’s best…
Smartcane - Bonsucro Alignment
Smartcane - Bonsucro Alignment
The Smartcane BMP modules have been modified to align with the on-farm criteria used by Bonsucro which provides international standards for sustainable sugar. Bonsucro is…
Innisfail board proves its water quality credentials
All five members of the CANEGROWERS Innisfail Board have achieved Smartcane BMP accreditation, the first…
Faster and easier BMP accreditation audits
Farm visits by Smartcane BMP’s team of industry auditors are streamlining the accreditation process for…
Tableland growers show BMP fits all sizes
Rajinder Singh, Claude Santucci and John Dixon represent very different farming operations – a large…
Changing the public perception of cane farming
Having completed the three core modules of Smartcane BMP, Cairns Region grower Stephen Calcagno wants…
BMP helps grower track inputs
In October 2015 Neil Kingston took up the challenge to gain Smartcane BMP accreditation for…
Accreditation secures a farming future
More than half of Queensland’s sugarcane production area is now benchmarked in the Smartcane BMP…
BMP drives greater farm efficiency
Efficiency gains for improved productivity have come hand in hand with environmental sustainability for Innisfail…
BMP: pathway to a prosperous future
Damien and Jodie Borg are relatively new to the lifestyle and business of cane farming…