Welcome to BMP Registration Process

You will require your farm area information (Ha or Acres) below. Please make sure you have this information before starting the registration process.

  • Property Area (Fence to Fence)
  • Cropping Area - Irrigated (Total area that can be irrigated)
  • Cropping Area - Raingrown (Total area that can be planted to not-irrigated crops)
  • Cane Area - Irrigated (For this cane season including full and partial irrigation)
  • Cane Area - Raingrown (For this cane season; only including cane that cannot be irrigated)
  • Fallow Area - Irrigated (For this cane season, area that can be irrigated with no planted crop)
  • Fallow Area - Raingrown (For this cane season, cropping area that cannot be irrigated with no planted crop)

Choose your registration type

The registration type determines the level of access you will have. You will receive an email once you are registered, explaining the process.

Smartcane BMP Registration

Please specify which of the following organisations that you will be seeking most assistance in completing the BMP modules.